Probus Research's service, Probus Record Access provides county and state government agencies an efficient and confidential online vital record ordering system. Unlike other order processors, Probus Research is dedicated to providing a seamless interface and, appropriately, an invisible order processing role.  

For administrators, Probus Record Access provides a completely integrated solution. All vital record applications and supporting identification, such as imaged drivers' licenses and sworn statements are presented together at one time.  All information is provided in database format  for efficient access, processing and storage.

For your customer, Probus Record Access provides a simple ordering experience.  Order pages are customized to blend with the each government office web site.  Customers are not subjected to an awkward generic format upon initiating their orders.  Vital record transactions are not bundled with other private sector profit generating services.  Your customers pay a significantly lower fee as processing fees do not subsidize advertising or structured commissions.

Government Agencies: Call 888-934-3848 for password access to our demonstration site.

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